Identifying Architectural Styles

Architecture is the art and the science of building, designing, and planning buildings or other physical structures. Architectural projects, in the common material form of houses, are generally perceived as artistic works and as social symbols. The architect behind an architectural project is known as a construction planner or architectural engineer. An architect is required to have a Master’s degree in architecture before he can practice. A lot of work experience in structural engineering is required for an architect to become a certified professional.


There are many types of architecture that are used in different regions of the world such as urban, rural, conventional, and residential. Urban architecture is characterized by lighter building structures with higher floor levels and is considered as the cityscaping type of architecture. It is built according to the requirements of the community. Meanwhile, in the rural area, it is built according to the specific requirements of the individual homeowner. Conventional architecture on the other hand, is typified by the use of large buildings and is usually associated with conservative thinking and modern outlook.

In order to know about the various styles of architecture, you must do a deep study of the history of architecture. You can search for information about architectural styles in books or on the Internet. These books will provide you with a comprehensive sketch of the structure. Some websites even allow you to browse through the pictures of architects and buildings through a simple online search. You can learn more about various buildings styles and their unique features by visiting the website of each style.