Architecture – An Art Beyond Being Structuring

Architecture is the artistic product and the creative process of designing, planning, and building new structures or other buildings. Architectural works, at the most basic level, are usually seen as physical works of architecture and as visual symbols. However, there is much more to the profession of architecture than meets the eye, and an architect’s work is likely to incorporate several disciplines. Architectural design, for example, typically incorporates a variety of communication processes, production techniques, and product specifications. The architect’s client, whether an individual or a business, is likely to be an important factor in his final decision regarding the construction of a building or another structure.

In general, architects create the plans and designs for buildings using a variety of tools and strategies. Although some architectural specializations focus solely on building construction, most architecture firms and practitioners of architecture practice artistic design, which usually makes use of techniques such as lighting, texture, form, and ornamentation. Although some of the concepts of modernism may seem quite strange, the discipline of architecture was greatly influenced by the art of architecture of the Classical period (ca. 2000 B.C.). Modernist architects are usually derided for their wild ideas, but this aspect of the discipline is actually quite useful, especially in terms of providing a unique creative outlet. One of the main articles of modernist architecture is its rejection of traditional forms and layouts.

Urban planning and design, which include the physical structures and spaces that are built environment, is an essential aspect of the practice of architecture. Modernists architecture does not emphasize beauty as a priority, instead concentrating instead on efficiency and functionality. Some of the best examples of contemporary urban planning are New York’s skyline and London, which were designed by renowned architects Frank Gehry and Zaha Hadid. Urban design also includes such fields as the application of various technological practices to buildings in order to create a unique built environment.